You Need Some Vitamin Sea

you need some vitamin sea

Could the calming effect that water has on us have something to do with the fact that our bodies are 60% made up of it?!

Water has a restoring effect on our minds and bodies. In a 2 year study of nearly 3,000 people, psychologists studied how urban parks, the country, and the coast affect people’s psyches. The study revealed that the seaside gave the highest levels of joy, calm, and refreshment. If you live near the beach, what a blessing that is!

It doesn’t stop there! If you’ve noticed taking a shower helps you work through tough problems, you’re not alone! Water helps your brain go into “drift” mode, where it’s able to be more creative. It’s able to work smarter, instead of harder.

Believe it or not, even a water-themed photo on the wall, has been shown to trigger the brain to release dopamine (the feel-good chemical).

A big part of our summer plans revolve around water, and for good reason. It’s HOT! For your challenge this week, I want to get you to check one of the plans off your summer bucket list that involves WATER. If you can, plan a trip to the beach! If the beach isn’t possible this week, how about a trip to the pool or lake?

For those of you too busy this week, or if you just want the extra summer vibes (like me), you can put a beach background on your phone and computer. Also, I love listening to ocean background noises using YouTube while I’m working on my computer.

Here are a couple of photos you’re welcome to use for the background on your phone or computer!

"Pura Vida" is popular to say in Costa Rica, and it makes me happy. It's like greeting people by saying, "What a good life!", or literally translated, "Pure Life".
“Pura Vida” is popular to say in Costa Rica, and it makes me happy. It’s like greeting people by saying, “What a good life!”, or literally translated, “Pure Life”.

you need some vitamin sea
A little Bob Marley for you!

As your esthetician friend, I have to ask you to wear sunscreen! Whether you’re at the pool or not, sunscreen is so important to wear daily, but especially during this challenge. Be sure you’re re-applying every few hours to stay protected from the sun’s harmful rays!

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