How to Make This Summer Memorable

make this summer memorable

Hello beautiful beach babes! Summertime is here~ what plans do you have to make this summer memorable?!

    Summer comes and goes as quickly as a wave thrown in the ocean. Some of you may be lucky enough to live in a place where it’s sunny year round, but for me, Summer is my favorite season. It’s always full of adventure, and given that my feet are always cold, Summer is the one time where my body temperature is totally comfortable.

What’s on your season’s bucket list?

Some of my favorite adventures have come from creating a season bucket list! I love dreaming up what I’d like the next few months to look like. It’s fun, and total mood lifter! Just thinking up adventures we’ll have to look forward to is fun!

make this summer memorable

Don’t get me wrong~ my husband and I’s life is very spontaneous! For goodness sake, we got married after a week of being engaged, took an impromptu trip to Colombia, then moved out to Kansas for a year! We’re just now moving back to Georgia this summer. This year has been an amazing year of growth for us together as newlyweds.

Here’s a peek of my bucket list for this summer!

make this summer memorable

The Challenge!

  • First, Create Your Own List! (And share it with me, if you like!)

  • The summer’s challenge will be more laid back than the Intentional Living in Spring. I’ll be posting one challenge weekly, so that there is much more time to complete the challenges!

  • You can find your challenge for the week posted here on Sundays. They’ll be very light-hearted~ I have a watermelon lemonade recipe I’m dying to share with you guys!


Let me know how you’re going to make this summer the best one yet, and check back weekly for challenges! Challenges will be posted on Sundays!

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