Beautiful Boho Hairstyles That You’ll Go to Again and Again

beautiful boho hairstyles

Hi guys! How are you doing? I’m so sorry posting has fallen behind! Javier and I are currently looking for our first home (also the future location for my dream, the physical Tiny Eco Spa!). At the same time, I’m looking for a job, as we just made the move from Kansas back to Georgia. Currently things have been kind of crazy! But I’m back, and I can’t wait to do these challenges with you! Let’s do this.

Those of you that know me personally know that I rarely, if ever, wear any accessories! If I do, it’s most likely some dangling earrings, because they’re out of sight, and out of mind. Bracelets just get in the way… I don’t even usually carry a purse.

I believe the one, best “accessory” I have, is my hair. Your hair is a crown you get to wear all the time!

Usually, I don’t do very much with mine. It’s long and naturally wavy, and I like the natural look to my hair, but I’m always pulling it up in a top bun because, like bracelets… it gets in the way.

However, this summer, I’ve made a resolution. One day, my hair may change. It may turn brittle and grey, but right now it’s at it’s prime time, and I refuse to cage it in a bun all this summer. I’ve been eyeing some beautiful bohemian braid styles for a while now, and this week I plan to find at least one favorite one to sport this summer. It will be my signature hairstyle of the summer, if you will.

I like these hairstyles because they look like they will keep my hair out of the way, but without hiding it’s waves and length!

Beautiful Boho Hairstyles

beautiful boho hairstyles 1 collage

Style 1 – Easy. You can learn to fishtail braid here. After you’re done with the braids, just pull apart gently to make look messy!

beautiful boho hairstyles 2 collage


Style 2 – Difficult. You can find instructions on Kassinka.

beautiful boho hairstyles 3 crop

Style 3 – Easy. Directions are on Barefoot Blonde.

beautiful boho hairstyles 4

Style 4 – Easy. This one might be my favorite. I couldn’t find directions for this style, but it looks fairly simple. Just pull most of your hair in a big braid to the side, but leave out a chunk from the other side to do a small braid with.

I challenge you to try out a new hairstyle with me! You can try one of the braids above, or find your own, if none of those appeal to you!

Side note: DON’T be disappointed if your hair doesn’t look as “perfect” as in the model photos. Anytime you see braids like this, and the girl’s hair looks thick and full still, it’s because they have hair extensions in! Hair extensions are expensive… and your hair still looks beautiful without them.

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